We are welcoming Cspot Global Newest Addition to the Roster. Season Expert Global Artist out of Cincinnati, Ohio. “SPICY”

Spicy, a Cincinnati-born artist with a soul forged in adversity, turned her childhood struggles into the bedrock of her music career. Losing her mother at 12, she transformed her pain into strength, using music as her sanctuary. With a rich background in science, she uniquely blends empirical wisdom with lyrical depth, touching lives across America.

Her narrative, soon to be unveiled in “The Blossoming Of A Ruby,” mirrors her multifaceted life— from a revered recording artist to a compassionate foster parent and a crowned Miss Black Socialite. Spicy’s music echoes her journey of resilience, encapsulating the essence of triumph over life’s trials.

Now, with the freedom to explore and the wisdom of her experiences, Spicy’s music resonates with a wide audience, empowering those between 30-60 to navigate their own paths with courage and authenticity. Her story isn’t just about the music; it’s a testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome, heal, and ultimately, to blossom.