Dr. Tracy Harris, Ph.D, C.Ht, CSRC

Life Coach

Dr. Tracy Harris is a Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, and a certified sex, relationship and intimacy coach (sexologist) with over 25 years of coaching experience. She is also a certified hypnotherapist and Reiki III Master. She has also been trained in a variety of practices including different forms of meditation, mindfulness, breathwork and stress/anxiety reduction techniques.  By combining different modalities based on the needs of her clients, she is able to serve them at the highest level. In addition to her holistic background, Dr. Harris has experience teaching students through Master’s degree level and facilitating workshops, events and lectures on a variety of topics and disciplines.

She currently helps clients who feel stuck, are overworked/stressed out/burned out or have struggling relationships to take back their power, uplevel their mindset and achieve their biggest goals! They learn to improve their confidence, navigate difficult conversations, set healthy boundaries, and create fulfilling relationships and careers. Clients are able to work with Dr. Tracy through bespoke coaching services, mastermind intensives, signature programs and retreats.