Darryl Moore

Darryl Moore is a Fayetteville, NC native who holds a B.S. degree in Political Science and an M.Ed. in Education Personnel Administration from Tuskegee University.

He is a professional actor who began his career doing stand-up in 2004 after an encounter with Comedian J. Anthony Brown of the popular “Tom Joyner Morning Show”. While hanging out with friends, Mr. Brown overheard Darryl joking with his friends and asked him if he’d ever done comedy, and at the time he had not tried comedy. Mr. Brown immediately encouraged Darryl to give stand up a try, and Darryl took his advice and he has not looked back.  Like any other new actor, Darryl began his career as a background actor. Others would get discouraged but Darryl used this time to network and plan his next move. In 2008, Darryl decided to stop performing as a comedian and focus his attention on the film and television industry. Not only has he worked in front of the camera, but he has worked behind the camera as a Casting Director, Producer, Production Assistant, and Assistant Director. In 2009, he became a member of SAG-AFTRA after a speaking part in the movie “Lottery Ticket”. Recently, he completed writing his autobiography titled “Feel My Pain” as well as a script for his first film project titled “Invisible Man”, based on his autobiography.