VEUIT TV presents The Cspot Podcast, and The Cspot Monthly Networking Soiree

Join us on “The Cspot Podcast,” a bold and exhilarating podcast presented by Cspot on the Veuit Network. Dive into the heart of Las Vegas with host Frank Wade, accompanied by the dynamic duo SCTYB and Louie Rock. Each episode is a journey down the Las Vegas Strip, where Frank and his co-hosts engage in raw, unscripted conversations with a diverse array of people, from high rollers to street performers.

In “The Cspot Podcast,” nothing is off-limits. We bring you uncensored discussions on a wide range of topics, capturing the true spirit and eccentricities of Las Vegas. The podcast alternates between vibrant on-the-street interviews and in-depth studio talks, offering listeners a unique blend of perspectives.

Frank Wade, known for his charismatic and straightforward approach, leads the conversations, ensuring every episode is packed with unfiltered opinions and unexpected insights. SCTYB and Louie Rock add their flair, making each episode not just a talk, but an experience.

Whether you’re a Vegas veteran or just curious about the allure of the Strip, “The Cspot Podcast” promises captivating talks that you won’t find anywhere else. Tune in and be part of the conversation that’s as lively and unpredictable as Las Vegas itself. Only on the Veuit Network.